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Southern California Quarterly Meeting is comprised of thirteen unprogrammed meetings and worship groups of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Southern California and Nevada. Each of these meetings will warmly welcome you to join them in worship after the manner of Friends.

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Spring 2016
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Spring Gathering • 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Claremont Friends Meeting

727 Harrison Ave., Claremont, California 91711

linkSCQM 2015 Fall Fellowship Registration Form and Instructions
[Standalone Registration Form with Instructions for attending Fall Fellowship retreat.] (PDF)

linkSCQM 2015 Fall Newsletter
[Includes all details and Registration Forms for attending Fall Fellowship retreat.] (PDF)

linkSCQM 2015 Fall Fellowship Minor Forms
[Standalone Parental Consent and Medical Forms for minors attending Fall Fellowship retreat.] (PDF)

Quaker Testimonies

A joint project of Santa Monica Friends Meeting and Southern California Quarterly Meeting, this mural about Quaker Testimonies: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Unity and Equality, was painted on the parking lot wall of the Santa Monica Meetinghouse.

facebook group
You can join our Facebook Group to find an informal forum for musings and discussions on Quakerly topics outside and complementary to this site.


linkSCQM 2015 Fall Fellowship Minutes (PDF file)

linkSCQM 2015 Spring Gathering Minutes (PDF file)

linkSCQM 2014 Spring Gathering Minutes (PDF file)

linkFall Fellowship 2013 Evaluation Form ("interactive" PDF file)

linkFall Fellowship Stand-alone Parental Consent and Minor Medical Forms (PDF file)

link SCQM 2013 Fall Fellowship Newsletter and Registration Forms (PDF file)

link SCQM 2013 Spring Gathering Minutes (PDF file)

link SCQM 2012 Fall Fellowship Minutes (PDF file)

link SCQM 2012 Directory (CONFIDENTIAL) (Password-protected PDF file)

link SCQM Job Descriptions - Revised 2006 (52 pages - PDF file)

link SCQM Arrangements Committee Job Description - Draft 02/13/2011 (10 pages - PDF file)

link CA License and Certificate of Marriage for Denominations Not Having Clergy (PDF file)


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