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Southern California Quarterly Meeting is comprised of thirteen unprogrammed meetings and worship groups of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Southern California and Nevada. Each of these meetings will warmly welcome you to join them in worship after the manner of Friends.

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Spring 2014
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Spring Gathering • 2014
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday 26, April 2014
Santa Monica Meetinghouse

1440 Harvard St., Santa Monica, CA 90404

Everyone who wishes to attend is asked to register by using the following Doodle Poll links as appropriate for your age(s).
(Doodle Poll Instructions: Just enter your name(s) in the blank field below the list of numbered boxes, select the Checkbox under the April 26 date and click on the Save button.)

Registration Links:
linkAdult Attendance Doodle Poll: http://doodle.com/ts827kr38226933d
linkTeen Attendance Doodle Poll: http://doodle.com/rk6wfci2qyd3xigi
linkChildren Attendance Doodle Poll: http://doodle.com/8xpxm8pqw5ps7ak4

Download files:
linkClerks Call and attached Schedule (PDF download)
link Minors Medical Release and Parental Consent Forms (PDF download)

Digital version of "newsletter" sent out via SCQM Edist:
linkhttp://conta.cc/1p9DbUp (Link is Case-Sensitive.)

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The theme for Quarterly Meeting was provided for us by the Youth & Children’s planning committee: “Who Are We as Friends?”  Our younger Friends have challenged us to think about our identity as Friends both among ourselves and in the wider world.  The question is both simple and profound.  Or put another way, the question will be as deep as what we bring to it. 

In our busy lives, it’s often difficult to find the time to address questions of faith, identity and ministry.  I find that my identity as a Friend rests firmly upon worship.  That’s where I find strength, clarity, and sometimes the audacity I need to respond to the Spirit.  Next, I look up and see you, Friends.  My relationships with you give me motivation, help, and discernment.  When I let those two things—worship and community—guide my work “in the world,” then I can function with love and integrity (most days).  I look forward to hearing from you about your identity as a Friend and how you negotiate the world

The vehicles for pondering our identity as Friends are:

all ages worship sharing on the testimonies
the State of Meeting Reports
a few important business items
painting a mural throughout the day

Some practical notes: 

  1. Please wear/bring old clothes, sun hats and sunscreen if you wish to help paint. We also need tarps, brushes, and rags

  2. A vegetarian lunch will be prepared by Santa Monica Meeting for a suggested donation of $10 per person.  If you have special dietary needs, there will be space in the refrigerator for you to store your food. 

  3. If you have nametags at your home Meeting, please bring and wear them. 

There will be a children’s program throughout the day, but we do need advance notice, so please respond to the doodle poll links above as soon as you can.

Spring Gathering 2014 Schedule

9:00-9:30      Morning Coffee & Registration

9:30-10:00     Worship

10:00-11:00   Session I  Introduction,  Description of Mural project.
                         Worship Sharing on the testimonies facilitated by teen/M&C

11:15-12:30     Session II  State of Meeting reports 

12:30-1:30      Vegetarian Lunch (donation $10)

1:30-2:30       Session III  Business: Nominating & Budget Reports

2:45-4:00       Session  IV  State of Meeting reports

4:00-4:30      Walking Meditation (by the mural) & Closing Worship

The teens and children will work on the mural throughout the day.  Adults are invited to join in during breaks or lunch. 


From the Youth Program Committee:


Hi young adults and teens!

We have a great teen program planned for young adults and teens at Santa Monica Friends Meeting on Saturday April 26. Teens will start with a sleepover on Friday April 25 at the meeting house and we need young adult FAPS to be present. We will be painting a mural which the teens and young adults have been visioning, and Alyssa Nelson and Tanna Moontaro, a Friend and muralist from Santa Monica Meeting, are designing. We will also be doing some worship sharing around the theme of the mural—“Who are we as Friends?” Teens and young adults will be leading the mural painting, and all ages will be invited to help out with the painting.

So…bring your painting clothes and come join us. We are a small quarter with not very many youth, so we need YOU! For now, put it on your calendar. Links to the sign-ups will be sent out shortly.

All the best,
Kate Watkins, youth program planning committee

facebook group
You can join our Facebook Group to find an informal forum for musings and discussions on Quakerly topics outside and complementary to this site.


linkFall Fellowship 2013 Evaluation Form ("interactive" PDF file)

linkFall Fellowship Stand-alone Parental Consent and Minor Medical Forms (PDF file)

link SCQM 2013 Fall Fellowship Newsletter and Registration Forms (PDF file)

link SCQM 2013 Spring Gathering Minutes (PDF file)

link SCQM 2012 Fall Fellowship Minutes (PDF file)

link SCQM 2012 Directory (CONFIDENTIAL) (Password-protected PDF file)

link SCQM Job Descriptions - Revised 2006 (52 pages - PDF file)

link SCQM Arrangements Committee Job Description - Draft 02/13/2011 (10 pages - PDF file)

link CA License and Certificate of Marriage for Denominations Not Having Clergy (PDF file)


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