Welcome to Southern California Quarterly Meeting.


Who We Are

Southern California Quarterly Meeting (SCQM) is a collection of Quaker Meetings and Worship Groups in the Southern California and Southwestern Nevada area. SCQM Meetings are part of the non-pastoral branch of Quakerism, meaning we do not have pastors and our method of worship is silent waiting, with no liturgy or program. SCQM is part of Pacific Yearly Meeting, which also includes Meetings in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Hawaii, and Mexico. Pacific Yearly Meeting (or PacYM) is affiliated with Friends General Conference (FGC), whose affiliates include Yearly and Monthly Meetings throughout North America. The FGC website has many resources for learning about Quakerism, participating in FGC activities, and finding Quakers in your area.

Contrary to its name, SCQM meets twice each year:  Fall Fellowship, usually the first weekend in November; and Spring Gathering, usually the last Saturday in April. SCQM also sponsors occasional workshops throughout the year.

There are many opportunities for committee work and community within the greater Quaker faith community. You the individual can choose to participate at any level.