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Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

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Santa Barbara County:
Santa Barbara Monthly Meeting

Ventura County:
Conejo Valley Worship Group (Thousand Oaks)
Ojai Friends Worship Group

Los Angeles County:
Claremont Monthly Meeting
Marloma/Long Beach Monthly Meeting
Orange Grove Monthly Meeting (Pasadena)
Santa Monica Monthly Meeting
Whitleaf Worship Group (Whittier)

Orange County:
Orange County Friends Meeting (Irvine)

Riverside County:
Inland Valley Friends Meeting (Riverside)

San Diego County:
La Jolla Monthly Meeting
San Diego Monthly Meeting

Outside of California:
Las Vegas Worship Group

Under the care of Pacific Yearly Meeting:
Mexico City Monthly Meeting

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2019 Fall Fellowship Keynote
by Lucy Duncan from AFSC


Southern California Quarterly Meeting is comprised of thirteen unprogrammed meetings and worship groups of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Southern California and Nevada. Each of these meetings will warmly welcome you to join them in worship after the manner of Friends.

Quakers have a long history of supporting the end of oppression and racism while promoting peaceful, non-militaristic means of solving societal problems.

We are called to condemn police violence against persons of color and confront racism and white privilege as we were called in the past to advocate against slavery. The murder of George Floyd is sadly one of many deaths occurring from systemic racism.

The Quaker service organization, American Friends Service Committee, states “

There are means of educating our peace officers and of promoting peaceful conflict resolution.

We urge City and County officials to implement or strengthen these proven means of conflict de-escalation and peace officer review:

  1. Abolish the most harmful restraint practices such as chokeholds and strongholds.
  2. Institute talks with Communities immediately to de-escalate current riots and protests.
  3. Implement or revitalize citizen review committees of police incidents.
  4. Examine diversity and de-escalation practices within police and sheriffs’ offices.
  5. Stop militarized responses to conflict by peace officers.

Additionally, we recognize that police violence against persons of color is a problem whose roots began in white supremacy, and we join with people of all ethnicities and backgrounds to solve this problem. Inaction has allowed these deaths to continue. We ask you to reflect on these issues and their solutions. We ask you to take steps to implement new practices within our government. We ask you to monitor the systems responsible for community safety as if the lives of our friends, family, and neighbors depend on it. They do.

In peace,
San Diego Friends Meeting (Quakers)

SCQM Friends Expense Reimbursement Request form
Peters Fund Request Form with instructions 2020-09-24
SCQM 2020 Spring Gathering Minutes
SCQM 2020 Treasurer's Report Spring Gathering - 2020-04-25
SCQM 2020-2021 Proposed Budget
A joint project of Santa Monica Friends Meeting and Southern California Quarterly Meeting, this mural about Quaker Testimonies: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Unity and Equality, was painted on the parking lot wall of the Santa Monica Meetinghouse.

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