Fall Fellowship Interest Groups and Workshops

Friday, Nov. 5th, 7:00–8:30 pm 

Lawrence Alderson
Racial Justice Network Panel Presentation

Friends from the Southern California Quakers Racial Justice Network will share the recent work that they have been doing on racial justice and antiracism within our communities, meetings, and worship groups and discuss what we have learned, the challenges with which we are laboring and the work ahead.

Saturday, Nov. 6th, 3:15–4:30 pm 

Stanford Searl
The Paradox of Preparation for the Gathered Meeting:
Letting Go of the Ego

This workshop explores one of the paradoxical themes that emerged from a study of the Quaker gathered worship experiences, namely aspects of spiritual preparation for the gathered worship. We will employ a Quaker contemplative, devotional approach to engage with various examples from conversations with both Pastoral and non-Pastoral Friends, including recommendations about letting go of the Ego as a spiritual practice.

Mary Ann Percy
Continuous Revelation: Quaker Testimonies as a Template
for Living in Right Relationship

We will use Quaker contemplative practices to deepen intimacy with the living world. The format will also include a brief presentation and worship sharing/discussion. Ideally be prepared to spend ~15-20 minutes outside, though indoor options will be possible.

We will ask ourselves and the living world, given our acknowledgment of continuous revelation, how can we know our Testimonies of Unity, Equality, Integrity, Community, Simplicity, and Peace as directing us toward harmonious and reciprocal relationships which respect the inherent integrity of the Earth community? How would our living into this opening witness both to and in the world?

Mary Ann carries a life-long spiritual concern for Earth and all our relations. She may be familiar to many of you from her years at La Jolla Monthly Meeting and is now a  member of Bellingham Friends Meeting (NPYM). She currently serves as an NPYM representative to Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW), is a trained Joanna  Macy facilitator in The Work that Reconnects (WTR), and offers  Earthcare programs –of any length–for Friends’ Meetings and groups. She will be co-leading an Earthcare-related Retreat at Ben Lomond Quaker Center in late February (2/25-27/22) with Maia Wolff-Ostrom.

Sunday, Nov. 7th, 10:30–11:45 am

Judith Favor
Sabbath Economics: Friends and Money

What is enough money, time, food, stuff, comfort?  What is enough work? What is enough rest?  Sabbath Economics helps us explore how much is enough, and how to move forward, individually and collectively. 

Laura Magnani & Sterling Spence
Doing a Deep Dive into Prison and Police Issues

We will be looking at what drives mass incarceration and police abuse and what we can do to change the narrative and re-prioritize spending.