2023 Fall Fellowship

Fall Fellowship, usually held the first full weekend in November, is a time for Friends young and old from SCQM to gather in worship and community, traditionally in the beautiful setting of Temescal Canyon.  Keynote speakers enrich our lives with messages from the wider Quaker community, children and teens have a chance to gather, F/friends join in worship sharing, interest groups, meeting for healing, bible study, and fellowship.

Back to Basics:
The Roots and Fruits of Quaker

Testimonies Then and Now

November 3–5, 2023 at Temescal Canyon and via Zoom

Registration is open from October 1 – 29, 2023.

If you wish to send a contribution by check, please make it out to “SCQM” and mail it to:

SCQM, Attn Gary Wolff Treasurer, 1020 EL SUR AVE, ARCADIA CA 91006-4529

If you plan to make a financial contribution later, please use this donation link:


Dear Friends,

Many Friends expressed how nourished they felt by attending, either onsite or online via Zoom, Pacific Yearly Meeting’s annual session this past July.  I encourage you to read the epistle that came from the 77th annual session, which Centered the Voices of the Next Generation.  I hope Friends from Southern CA will feel nourished by gathering for our Quarter’s Fall Fellowship.

We are reminded that Friends have diverse identities, life experiences, and faith traditions. Some Friends come from generations of Quaker ancestors, other convinced Friends have Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, mono or polytheistic, or non-theist backgrounds.  As an inclusive religion and community of seekers, we strive each day to live with integrity and to listen for and see that of God, the Divine, the Light in all.  

Foundational to our experiential faith community are the Quaker Testimonies which we contemporary Quakers have come to “package” as the SPICES: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship or Sustainability.  Yet we can ask, are these our only testimonies?  Are there others?  What is a testimony?

The centering theme for this fall’s quarterly gathering is “Back to Basics – The Roots and Fruits of Quaker Testimonies Then and Now.”  Paul Buckley, a traveling Quaker minister and author will share with us his perspectives on the Quaker Testimonies in two presentations based on his recently published Pendle Hill pamphlet, Quaker Testimony: What We Witness to the World.   Paul’s presentations will look at early Quaker testimonies, what he considers the 5 essential characteristics of a testimony, how early Friends testified, and the more contemporary evolution of the Quaker “SPICES”.

In addition to our keynote presentations and worship sharing on Saturday and Sunday mornings we will have interest and affinity groups, wonderful children’s and teen’s programs, a meeting for healing, time for fellowship, hiking, plenaries, community night, and worship.

Please join us for SCQM’s Fall Fellowship on the beautiful grounds of Temescal Gateway Park in the Pacific Palisades, just north of Santa Monica, or via Zoom.  See below for details.

In peace,

Jane Blount

SCQM Clerk

Keynote Speaker

Paul Buckley is a member of Clear Creek Friends Meeting in Richmond, Indiana. In his late forties, he gave up paid employment to enroll in the Quaker Studies Program at the Earlham School of Religion. Since graduating, he has been a traveling minister and a writer on Quaker topics. He is known among Friends of all stripes for his workshops, short courses, and retreats. 

Paul has felt called to bring knowledge of important Friends to modern Quakers.  This has resulted in several books each on William Penn and Elias Hicks.  He has a special interest in how Quakers read scripture and co-edited The Quaker Bible Reader with Stephen Angell as well as a widely used pamphlet on the Lord’s Prayer. In addition, he has written several dozen articles on Quaker history, and contemporary Quaker faith and practice.

His most recent book is Primitive Quakerism Revived: Living as Friends in the Twenty-First Century. Paul’s presentation for Southern California Quarterly Meeting is based on a 2023 Pendle Hill Pamphlet, Quaker Testimony: What We Witness to the World, the product of twelve years of thought and contemplation on Quaker Testimony.

Interest Groups

Friday Nov 3rd 6:30 – 8:30 PDT 

Radical Hospitality: Join Lloyd Lee Wilson in a discussion on “Radical Hospitality…a way of being in the world that helps to bring the Kingdom of God into full realization …through inclusiveness toward all people, through letting go of personal cravings for possessions and power, and through noncoercion.” See more about the pamphlet and where to purchase it at Radical Hospitality – Pendle Hill Quaker Books & Pamphlets.

This is an online program (those coming Friday afternoon to help set-up are welcome to join us in Stewart Hall).

*Please see information about the Pendle Hill Radical Hospitality reading group on October 18:  https://pendlehill.org/events/pendle-hills-reading-group-october-2023/ 

Lloyd Lee Wilson is a recorded minister of the gospel in West Grove Monthly Meeting, North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative). His publications include Essays on the Quaker Vision of Gospel Order, Wrestling with Our Faith Tradition, Holy Surrender, Change and Preservation in the Same Current, and numerous contributions to Friends Journal, Quaker Life, Quaker Theology, and The Journal of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative). His message is that “Christ has come to teach his people himself.”

Saturday, Nov 4th 2:00 – 3:45 PDT

The Seekers — Onsite and Online

Quakerism would not look the way it does if it weren’t for the Westmoreland Seekers, the people “gathered” by George Fox in the central English highlands. This group had already been meeting in silent worship for at least half a century before Fox showed up and much of the practice of unprogrammed Friends was adopted from this community which did not consider itself a religion. Kindred Gottlieb will facilitate a discussion about the early roots of Quakerism that long pre-dated George Fox and Margaret Fell.

Being Violent While Being Quaker – How long can I wear my sword? — Onsite and Online 

Dan Strickland will share his perspective as a karate student of 50+ years’ standing, how that squares or conflicts with being a Quaker, and what violence is in our lives. Will have a rich discussion around questions like, Does our aversion to violence affect our honesty?  Where is the balance between fear and hospitality?

FCNL and our Quaker Advocacy Community — Onsite and Online 

Come learn first-hand from advocates who have led successful issue FCNL campaigns through building people power and taking action. In this workshop we’ll focus on different ways you can work with FCNL and our Quaker advocacy community to advance our shared vision and values. These ideas can help our meetings and worship groups prepare for deeper work towards the world we seek. 

We will hear from young friends about their experience in the FCNL “Ambassadors” program; our regional FCNL Advocacy Coordinator, Jessica Bahena; and the FCNL Quaker Engagement Program Manager, Bobby Trice. Online and onsite attenders are welcome (onsite participants will meet in Stewart Hall).

Notes on Fall Fellowship


There’s a $25 fee for onsite attendees and $5 for online attendees. Extra costs are “pay-as-led”, with suggested amounts on the registration form. If you need financial help, ask your Monthly Meeting or Worship Group. Registration ends at midnight on October 22, 2023.

Important Forms and documents

Fall Fellowship Proposed Schedule

Time & LocationEventActivity info
Stewart Hall
Interest Group: Discussion based on PHPamphlet #427: Radical Hospitality by Lloyd Lee Wilsonhttps://pendlehill.org/events/pendle-hills-reading-group-october-2023/
Saturday, November 4, 2023
Sunday, November 5, 2023

2023 Spring Gathering

Spring Gathering, usually held the last Saturday in April, is a time for Friends young and old from SCQM to gather in worship and community.  Ministry & Counsel committee provides a reflection on the Spiritual State of the Meeting reports that each Monthly Meeting and Worship Group has submitted. We’ll have an interest group on Friday evening and gather for worship, plenaries, and fellowship on Saturday.

Registration is open

Dear Friends,

EVERYONE is warmly invited to attend Spring Gathering at the end of April to enjoy fellowship with Friends from across our Quarter. 

Are you curious about how other Friends Meetings and Worship Groups are navigating life as a spiritual community in these shifting times now that the pandemic is not so intense?  We’ll hear excerpts from Meetings’ Spiritual State of the Society Reports and have worship sharing opportunities together.

The Children’s Committee is planning lots of fun activities including candle-making. In addition, children will have an opportunity to fold-form a copper bowl with metalsmith Marne Ryan.

Get to know other Teens in Southern California! Junior Friends aged 12-20 are invited to attend Spring Gathering on Saturday for fun, fellowship, and community building led by Linus Hartigan (co-clerk of PacYM’s Jr. Yearly Meeting).

The Peace & Social Concerns Committee is hosting an online interest group Friday evening at 7 PM, exploring where we are and what is next for us as individuals, within our meetings, and our Quarter, on the journey towards “radical transformation” and a fully welcoming and inclusive, beloved community.  

Saturday’s schedule is from 9:00 – 3:15 (Pacific time). All program activities will be available for those joining us in person and via Zoom, except the children’s program, which will be in-person only. 

Orange County Friends Meeting in Costa Mesa will be hosting the in-person gathering at their campus  2845 Mesa Verde Drive East, Costa Mesa, CA in the larger space where the Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist neighbors have their sanctuary (Daniels Hall).  There will be ample space for everyone who would like to attend in person,

Covid-19 Safety Policy: Everyone is expected to wear high-quality masks when inside and maintain social distancing between members of different households.  If you are sick please stay home.  All are welcome regardless of vaccination status.

Lunch: OCFM will be providing a simple lunch and refreshments during the day on Saturday and will be asking for donations to cover the cost of hospitality. 

There is an outside courtyard area where we can enjoy refreshments and lunch together.

Friends joining us online will be able to join in our shared virtual space with everyone gathered in Costa Mesa as well as online (except for when we are in smaller breakout groups and at lunch). 

May we gather with openness, humility, and a spirit of loving-kindness and gratitude.  May we come together to listen, share, and learn from each other and look towards the future of the Quarter.  

In peace and with gratitude,

Jane Blount, SCQM Clerk

2022 Spring Gathering Schedule


7:00 – 9:00 pm Toward an Inclusive Community


9:00 – 9:30 amArrival, coffee and tea, Greet Friends
9:30 – 12:00 pmWorship, Plenary 1, State of Society Reports Part 1
12:00 – 1:00 pmLunch Break – optional fellowship
1:00 – 2:45 pmPlenary 2, State of Society Reports Part 2
2:45 – 3:15 pmClosing Worship